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Yuly Martinez Foley, is a portrait photographer based in Slate Hill, New York who has traveled the world pursuing her passion for photography. Her love of photography grew out of her appreciation for landscape photography which she incorporates into all of her work.

Yuly has always had a passion for great design, architecture, and fashion which have molded her style. Her study of artistic media has allowed her to bring a unique refreshing eye to the craft. Her style is natural, romantic and portraiture-focused, to the point where the images seem lively and almost three-dimensional. Yuly is a formal photographer for The Times Herald Record and her work has been featured in WWD, NY Times, and several editorial stories in social magazines. Her fashion photography is currently being used in major designers’ social media fashion campaigns.

One of Yuly’s goals from the instant she decided to turn a lifelong interest into a vocation was to create impeccable images that demonstrate her mastery of color and gift for capturing a subject’s personality through the lens. Details are very important to her and she has a knack for capturing every one of them in her photos. Nothing is more inspiring to Yuly than customers telling her that they can stare at her photos and find so many wonderful things in just one frame. This reaffirms her ability to see things in a different way, whether she has a camera in her hands or not.